What is heating film (HOT-Film)?

heating film Hot-film
HOT-Film produced by Korea Heating Co., Ltd. is a superior and advanced heating material for floors, ceilings and walls.

Carbon heating element (Electric conductor) and silver paste are printed on PET film of insulation and flame-retardant material, which is to be combined with Laminex Film after making an electrode of copper foil.

Carbon emits heat, far-infrared ray and anion by using an electric resistance. HOT-Film, based on far-infrared radiant heat, gives a longer heating effect than other heating systems. Far-infrared ray and anion are known to effectively suppress odors and growth of germs and boost the metabolism of the human body, not to mention providing a healthier environment.

the structure of hot-film

Raw material of Hot-Film:

raw material of hot-film

Insulation / Flame-Retardant PET Film:
PET is abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate, part of the thermoplastics. It is light, has no taste or smell and it is widely used in household items, toys, electric insulators, radio and TV case, and packing materials. For Hot-Film, PET meets the VTM-2 standard requirement of insulating/flame-retardant UL.
It has a color of milk and is used for electronic/electric materials.

Carbon Paste:
Is a fine black powder with carbon being the main element. It has a particle size is 1 ~500mi and is used to make a black paint(pigment) and rubber and printing ink.
For the heating element of carbon (heating section of film), the quantity of heating is controllable by adjusting its resistance value based on the mixture ratio of carbon and graphite.

Silver Paste:
Silver booth bar is used for increased conductivity and minimize electric sparks caused by a direct contact between copper foil and carbon heating section. An ideal resistance value should be 1 Q or less.

Laminex Film:
Laminex film which is used in heating film manufacturing has high adhesive strength, high heat-resisting and easily processing property.
Especially, its adhesive substance is using EVA(for under-floor) or EEA(for sauna).

hot_film structure

Product descriptions and specifications of manufacturer:

Is presented below (in video format) the manufacturer of Korea Heating Co., Ltd. product descriptions and specifications

Superiority of Hot-Film heating system:

1) Easy-to-install and economical heating system:
installation hot-film
Capable of reducing installation expenses due to an easy-to-construction/installation process meaning reducing construction times.

Capable of having a fast heating effect due to a parallel structure of heating element and use of electricity.

Capable of heating partially and saving unnecessary heating expenses (Possible to adopt a central control system)

Capable of having a more capacious living space by not needing to have a separate boiler space.

2) Eco-friendly and Healthy Heating System:
hot-film eco-friendly and healthy
Heating element is made of carbon, such as charcoal (activated carbon), emitting less electronic waves.

Far-infrared ray and anion suppresses Sick House Syndrome, odor, and growth of germs.

It does not use flames, so it generates less noise, dust, and carbon monoxide.
It is perfect for areas with children, senior citizens and patients.

3) Maintenance Cost-Saving Heating System:
hot-film cost-saving heating system
30% cost efficient than electric heating and over 50% cost efficient than oil boiler heating.

Simple structure and design meaning fewer product failures and maintenance costs.

For house remodeling, it is easy to remove and relocate the system.

Hot-Film technical features:

hot-film check
  • Capable of keeping an electric resistance value stable due to printing technology using carbon particle of regularity and high density.
  • Technology and development of high-tech printing equipment that enables a uniform printing side.
  • Development of special laminating equipment for heating film production.
  • Use of the world-class insulting and flame-retardant film.
  • Technology of preventing sparks from carbon printing side due to design of special silver booth bar.
  • Design of preventing the occurrence of sparks by adjusting sectional area of carbon printing side.
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