Hot-Film installation:

hot-film installed in a sauna

At Korea Hot-film we have years of experience and take into account the placement of the heating unit and installation time among other matters to suit the customer.

We make sure that the unit is clear of danger to you and install it safely.

Installation Methods for Different Finishing Materials:

It is enable to be used for wall, ceiling, and floor

flooring section

Detailed installation of Hot-Film:

How We Install?

electrical installation plan A
electrical installation plan B

Structural View of LUXURY heating film:

Structural View of LUXURY heating film

Precautions For Hot-Film Installation:

hot-film precaution
  • It is advisable to keep the place of installation clean and its floor flat in order to prevent scratch, bending, or other damages of Hot-Film.
  • The place to install Hot-Film needs be free of wetness/moisture, and precautions needed not to have Hot-Film directly exposed to wetness/moisture.
  • Insulation coated with conductive material, such as rough insulation or silver foil, not to be used as it may damage the surface of Hot-Film during installation.
  • Caution should be taken not to damage the surface of Hot-Film or step on it during installation. In case of surface damaged,it has to be insulated with a thin insulating tape.
  • Finishing material not to be used with paint, coloring agent, or hardening adhesive that can cause transformation, discoloration, or cracks while heat transmits to finishing material.
  • It is advisable to decide insulating/finishing materials in consultation with installation company or experts in order to maximize the effect of heating to different installation places.
  • When cutting Hot-Film and connecting it to thermostat, energy consumption not to be above 75-80% of allowed capacity of the thermostat.
  • After finishing installation of Hot-Film, make sure to measure an electric current and voltage with a tester and conduct a trial run to check the surface temperature of Hot-Film.
  • At the time of installation, make sure to calculate energy consumption and check installation capacity in order to choose wire and electric capacity that are appropriate for installation.
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